About the E-Course

Often, life-changing decisions, for your child and for you, are made under time and emotional pressure with little time to research when crisis erupts – which is inevitable when addiction is involved. The Survive Your Child’s Addiction course allows you to quickly assess alternatives for improved decision-making, bringing objectivity to an emotional topic.

The course includes videos, text, downloadable documents and comment areas for connection with other students and the instructor. Comments allow for frank and honest discussion in a secure place. Videos provide an overview of each topic for quick insight, answers and alternatives. Text and other graphics offer more detail, resources, checklists and worksheets.

Many aspects of dealing with addiction are controversial. We lay out pros and cons of various alternatives to allow you to make the best decisions for your situation. Common sense techniques to protect your own and your child’s emotional, physical and financial life are included. 'Conventional wisdom' is not always the best alternative. This course includes traditional and alternative approaches, including scientific and medical foundations for various options.

The goal of the course is to minimize the pain that families experience and to improve outcomes for those suffering from substance use disorder.

About the Author

The Survive Your Child’s Addiction courses were designed by Attorney Colleen Cowles. The courses combine Ms. Cowles’ legal expertise, her work with clients and their families, and many years of research including extensive interviews with experts on topics covered. Most importantly, Colleen understands the impact that addiction has on families through her own experiences on the roller-coaster, heart-wrenching, learn-as-you-go journey through addiction in her own family. The course is designed by a Mom who survived her journey through addiction in her own family and came out the other side.

Attorney Cowles is an author, speaker, teacher, and advocate. Her passion and expertise are focused on minimizing the pain that families experience, improving outcomes for those suffering from substance use disorder, and advocating for reform of the criminal justice system in regard to drug policy.