Survive Your Child's Addiction with Compassion, Science & Medicine.

1-size-fits-all, punitive approaches can be deadly. Apply the most current techniques & understand alternatives. Get your own life back AND help your son or daughter.

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I learned about the Survive Your Child’s Addiction e-course when my son was in jail and I was in pain – worrying about and missing my son, while also losing sleep over what would happen when he was released. Because I love my son and my family, I’ve studied addiction in many different formats, but this course, more than anything else, brought me understanding, practical steps, and a sense of peace.

Since my son’s release, I’ve continued to use the course regularly, as a reference, but also to remind me that I’m not alone, and that there is hope. Having videos available at any time – including in the middle of a sleepless night after my son’s relapse – has been a Godsend – guiding me, comforting me, educating me, and reminding me of some of the things I already know but needed to be reminded of. The course also helped my daughter better understand addiction and re-establish a relationship with her brother.

The course changed my life, and because of my increased knowledge and understanding, enhanced my son’s life as well. I believe this course has helped me to be supportive of him, while being able to draw objective guidelines to protect my own finances and my quality of life.

There is a vast amount of information that a parent needs to have the moment they become aware of their child’s addiction to (or problem with) drugs and alcohol. The issues of navigating access to health care, legal system, financial issues, and medical safety would be enough to overwhelm any parent. Who can families turn to in this situation? There are competent lawyers, doctors, and counselors who can help with their specialties, but this course is the only place I have seen all the information a parent would need in one place to orient them to the landscape of addiction and recovery.

I would highly recommend the e-course, Survive Your Child’s Addiction, to all parents of children who have drug or alcohol problems regardless of whether you call it ‘addiction’ or not. The information in this course could be the difference between a problem and a tragedy!

This is the most inclusive resource I have found to help me communicate in the environment of addiction, and to understand the family dynamics surrounding addiction. Most important of all, authored by an attorney, it offers concrete directions and solutions, while using personal insight gained from the author’s experience with addiction in her own family.

I teach in a Public School District and work off-campus with Middle and High School students, many with addiction issues. Working individually, one gets to know both the student and the parents very well. When trust develops, often both generations seek my counsel. Now, with this ‘survival’ course, I have answers rather than just clichés.

Get answers to questions like

  • OMG - Does my child have a substance use issue, or am I just overreacting?
  • Types of drugs – What are we dealing with?
  • How do we help our child without wiping ourselves out emotionally & financially?
  • What are the best options for treatment or other steps toward recovery?
  • How do we pay for treatment? What will insurance cover, and what do I do if they don't cover what they're supposed to? What other programs are available?
  • My child is in legal trouble – again. Do I let my child face the consequences, or do I step in to help?
  • How do I protect myself legally – From civil forfeiture and other areas of legal quicksand?
  • If my grandchildren are impacted, how do I protect them?
  • What can I do to maintain my own physical and emotional health?

About the Author

The Survive Your Child’s Addiction course was designed by Attorney Colleen Cowles. The course combines Ms. Cowles’ legal expertise, her work with clients and their families, and many years of research including extensive interviews with experts on topics covered. Most importantly, Colleen understands the impact that addiction has on families through her own experiences on the roller-coaster, heart-wrenching, learn-as-you-go journey through addiction in her own family. The course is designed by a Mom who survived her journey through her sons addictions and came out the other side.

Attorney Cowles is an author, speaker, teacher, and advocate. Her passion and expertise are focused on minimizing the pain that families experience when addiction is involved, improving outcomes for those suffering from addiction, and advocating for reform of the criminal justice system in regard to addiction. Click HERE for more information or to book a speaking engagement.

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